CBD Oil products Portland Maine and Where Can You Buy Them NOW?

Many people are asking the question, can you buy cbd oil in Maine? The answer is YES! And NO!

Ha, It is legal and you can buy CBD oil in Maine!

However, there are some regulations around this that have been put in place. The main component to the legislation that has given us all access to CBD oil, is that is must be under the Federal guidelines set by the FDA to be able to legally purchase it.

THE Federal allowable Limit of THC is 3% or less.
If the CBD oil is less then 3% THC then you can buy CBD oil in Maine!

There are a few places throughout the state in which you can drive and buy CDB oil in Maine, however I personally can not vouch for them as I purchase mine through a reputable company online.

I work from home so taking off to buy CBD oil is not really something I would look to do. In Portland Maine there are a few places I found online that appear to sell CBD oil.

I found it difficult to find many places easily on Google. One I found seems to have a bunch of stores In Maine. It is called the Maine Wellness Connection, and they appear to have 4 outlets in Maine. However, this seems more like a educational platform online and did not show any way to be able to buy cbd oil in Maine online anyways.

It is a nice looking site and there was a lot of good information, however it does not look like a place where you can just walk in and buy cbd oil. It is a medical dispensary so that is out for the average person who is looking for CBD oil.

Another is East Coast CBDs. I spent some time on their site and there is a lack of everything. It talked very little about their products and even if they had any. Also tried to find their location and clicked on retail on their website, however nothing was there to explain anything. Beyond the fact they are located in Unity, there is very little information on their website.

Having a Hard Time Finding Places in Maine To Buy CBD Oil

Ok, continuing on with more locations in Maine, I have yet to find one listed on Google that you can buy cbd in maine, either online or by walking in, unless you have a prescription.

I just looked at Home Health Care in Winthrop and again it looks to be only medical driven based on prescription. The site also does not appear to have been updated in 6 months with any new info.

Next one I located was Canuvo.org , this too appears to be a medical dispensary and there were no options to purchase online or walk in and buy CBD oil in Maine. Although the website has some good information, it is not a place were you can just contact and purchase CBD Oil.

Our company appears to be one of the few in Maine where you can buy cdb oil without having a prescription. There may be some natural health food stores that carry CBD oil, however our company focuses solely on CBD and also you will not get a better guarantee then we have with our 30 day empty bottle guarantee. Check out the best place to buy cbd oil in maine.

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