CBD Oil Infused Coffee Available In Guadalajara and Mexico

CBD Infused Coffee Now Available To Purchase

Do you love coffee?

How would you like to get the healthiest cup of coffee you have ever had?

Do you know the power and healing properties of CBD Oil?

We are proud to announce that our CBD Infused Coffee is now ready for you to get and utilize with your health.

This coffee has been grown in Chipias for years. Now we have figured out how to infuse this wonderful coffee with CBD Oil and it makes for one heck of a cup of coffee.


Do You Drink CBD Infused Coffee Like Regular Coffee?

This is not your regular cup of Joe.

No, this coffee is designed to supplement the CBD Oil you may already be taking. For drinking this coffee, you would have just one cup in the AM to get you going. What you will notice is a very smooth and bold coffee that is best made in an espresso machine. You can also utilize a metal filter system with your existing coffee machine as well.

You will utilize 1/4 cup at most of the coffee. It is best to grind the coffee to order and then make it with one of the 2 methods above. We do not recommend you put this through a paper coffee filter as the paper may absorb some of the CBD Oil which would take away from the strength of the coffee.

This cup of coffee is a healthy jolt of anti-oxidants, terpenes, and many other wonderful compounds that are found inside the CBD Oil.

For all you coffee lovers, you will not find a better cup of coffee that not only gets you going, but has a smooth calming effect. It is a wonderful combination that I am sure you will love.

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