How CBD Oil Has Eliminated My Sciatic Nerve Pain

My Sciatic Nerve Pain Is Gone From Using CBD Oil

The word is now out about CBD oil and I personally took the plunge just a few weeks ago to see if it would help my sciatic nerve issue. I developed this issue about a year ago and sometimes it is very painful. There is tingling all the way down to my toes and my hip area on my left side really hurts.

Now there is no real cure for Sciatica so this condition is something I am going to have to live with. There are exercises you can do, and I have had a massage as well to alleviate the pain.

I found a site on Facebook that had hundreds and hundreds of testimonials about CBD Oil so I began to do my research. What I found was rather stunning. I am not going to get into all the various testimonials I read, however, I found several around the Sciatica nerve issue.

After doing a ton of research on various CBD oils and companies, I decided to order from Hempworx. Their full spectrum CBD oil was both pure and organic and grown on a farm in Kentucky. There were thousands of great reviews about this company and they offered a 30-day empty bottle guarantee.

30 Day Empty Bottle guarantee CBD Oil

In Just 2 Days Sciatica Pain Issue Gone On CBD Oil

I ordered the CBD oil and anxiously awaited for it to arrive. I was in quite a bit of pain as the mediation I had brought back from Mexico was gone. When the CBD Oil arrived I immediately popped it open and took 4 drops under my tongue as prescribed. The CBD Oil I purchased was a 500mg oil that came with a dropper. It was very easy to take and let it just sit there for about a minute before swallowing. I did notice some reduction in pain after about 30 minutes which was a pleasant surprise.

The next morning I took my next dose soon after I woke up. In that first full day, I noticed a significant reduction in Pain. The CBD Oil lasted about 7-8 hours before I noticed the pain beginning to elevate again. I took it again late in the day and the pain receded pretty quickly.

The 2nd full day of taking the CBD Oil for my sciatic nerve pain was nothing short of stunning. I was fully pain free the whole day and was able to do what I wanted pain free.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I have continued to take the CBD Oil and have seen great results. Now there are a few times where I feel a little pain, but that is usually after the dosage has worn off. Whenever I take a new dose, the pain goes away.

I do not have health insurance so getting pain meds is out. The other issue is I really don’t like taking any medications of any sorts so I am always on the lookout for alternative ways to deal with pain issues.

I have had other great results with the CBD oil as well which I will talk about in other posts about this.

I am very happy I have found an all natural solution to dealing with the pain of a sciatic nerve issue. CBD Oil has made a believer out of me and I will continue to use the oil every day and month as it has made a tremendous difference in my life just in this one area.

If you have a sciatic nerve issue and need relief from the pain that it causes, I can not recommend CBD oil From Hempworx any higher. It is one of the most pure and potent forms of CBD oil on the market and the price was cheaper then some comparable alternatives out there.

Whatever you do, make sure you are buying a high grade of CBD oil. Cheap knocks off are not going to work. We had tried some from a health store that was cheaper a few months ago for other pain related issues and it DID Not work. That is why I was hesitant to try it again, however, I am sure happy I did.

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