The Top Ten benefits of CBD oil and Studies On CBD Oil

Top Ten benefits of CBD oil Video

In the video below you are going to see a really good explanation of the top benefits of CBD Oil. Most people are still not familiar with what CBD Oil is and what it does. This is definitely going to change moving forward.  There is a great awareness coming around CBD Oil now and results and research are starting to also show up.

If you are not aware of what CBD Oil Benefits are, then the short video below is going to give you a very good quick education on this. So first off, what is CBD? CBD is cannabidiol, that is a plant chemical compound that is extracted and found in the cannabis plant. Even though cannabidiol comes from the marijuana plant, it is NOT usually mixed with THC which is the psychic active part of the plant that people have used for a long time to get high. CBD has been shown to have outstanding medicinal impacts without the “high” of THC.

Watch This Video below For The Best benefits of CBD oil.

This guy does a really good job explaining how CBD works and the various benefits of CBD oil.


One of the biggest benefits of CBD oil is the impact it is having on people who deal with anxiety.  A 2010 study found that Cannabidiol had a significant impact on people who were dealing with anxiety including social anxiety disorder. Using fairly sophisticated equipment, they were able to determine through brain scans that the actual blood flow had changed in the areas of the brain where they believe anxiety disorders are found. Another study in 2015 has also found that CBD Oil could be effective on a whole host of anxiety related issues including OCD, PTSD and panic disorders. This is stunning news and we can not wait for further studies to reveal what we believe we know now.

Great benefits of CBD oil on the skin

Another great benefit of CBD Oil is the impact it has on the skin. It has been reported that since CBD oil helps in producing lipids, that it will actually work on things like acne and dry skin. There are so many components to the CBD oil if it is of a high quality that it also is loaded with anti-oxidants, which will help in the wrinkles issue and aging lines. A side benefit is that if there is less stress in your life, then this will also reduce the potential for breakouts and skin issues which are common when people are stressed.

There are now also studies coming out that are indicating that CBD oil may prevent heart disease as well. This could range from warding off coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and stokes. In 2014, the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham did a study that shows or indicates that CBD Oil causes blood vessels to relax and open. This has been known to actually lower blood pressure and create better circulation to keep your heart healthy.

At this point, there is still a ton of research to do around CBD, and unfortunately, when the medical profession gets involved it is a slow and laborious process. However, since CBD oil is legal over the counter in 49 states, including Maine. That people can begin using this now to impact their lives. There are plenty of people know using CBD oil with amazing results.

If you do decide to try CBD, it is always wise to contact your doctor first before taking CBD Oil. However, as you can see there are many great benefits of CBD oil and definitely worth looking into.

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